General Questions

TagYours is an on-line social shopping networking and price comparison website. Using the web version alone or in conjunction with the mobile application for iPhone or Android, you can use TagYours at anytime to get product information or find the best available price for just about any given product. To find out all about TagYours and all of the things that you can do with it please see About Us.
TagYours doesn't sell products. We compile information from retailers and merchants that do sell the products and use that information to share with you so that you can use it or share it with friends and family members. Perhaps someday we will, but right now TagYours is a gift registry/price comparison website and a great place to find a wealth of product information.
Yes. TagYours is free to use. The only exception is the choice to upgrade our available mobile applications at a total cost of $1.99 to do so. The $1.99 charge eliminates ads on the mobile application. If you want to keep it free, use the free versions; If you don't like ads, upgrade for the one-time cost.
The popular products listed on TagYours are the products that are seeing the most user activity. There is no paid placement in this section. Paid placement products appear in "Featured Products" section.
TagYours searches retailer and affiliate provided data feed for particular user entered products and pulls product information along with price information that the retailer or affiliate have provided. The price information is compared and posted for you. We are still adding feeds from retailers and affiliates to support the best possible with this feature. As we arrive at more agreements with retailers and affiliates, this feature will improve vastly!
Not currently. We anticipate working on other platforms in the future along with some incredibly ambitious new features. We're just getting started and we picked the two most wide-spread user platforms to develop first.
No. Although we would love for them to sign up so that everyone can experience the best that we have to offer, you can still share your favorite products and your taglists with them on Facebook and Twitter.
You can search for a TagYours user by using the "Taggers" menu and searching for your friend or family member by name. That simple!
You can invite anyone you want (over the age of 18) to join TagYours by using the built in email, text message, Facebook or Twitter functions on TagYours.
Just click on the "register" link online, or once you have installed the mobile application on your phone. Provide TagYours with some simple information and a photo of yourself for your profile, review and agree to the terms of use and privacy policies, and get tagging!
Taglists are TagYours lists that can be shopping lists, holiday gift lists, special event gift registries or simple "pick lists". A pick list can be set up to store products that you want to get more information on later, watch for a sale or lower price or might want to add to a particular shopping list, wish list or registry at a later time. A pick list could also be used simply to compile a group of products that you want to send to someone else for any particular reason.